Taking pediatric occupational therapy outdoors for childhood experiences that create bright futures.

Providing pediatric occupational therapy in Northeast Ohio

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Does your child struggle with...

Making friends?


Transitions, getting started or needing step by step directions?

Handwriting, cutting, buttoning, zipping, tying? 

Balance, coordination, getting around, falling, bumping into things, climbing, skipping, riding a bike, keeping up with friends or getting hurt often?

Unstructured play time?

Getting outside?


Do you have a hard time...

Connecting with your child?

Helping your child navigate new experiences?

Feeling burnt out in parenting?

Finding the support your child and family needs?

Wanting to spend time outside but not knowing how?

Finding time to rest and recharge?

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Good Nature Therapy Services
can help!

At Good Nature Therapy Services our work is rooted in honest, down-to-earth solutions that work for families and bring out the best in kids. 

We believe in a strengths based approach to supporting your child, you and your family. Pediatric occupational therapy or OT for short, helps children develop fine and gross motor skills, coordination, strength, sensory processing, mindfulness, executive functioning, visual perceptual, visual motor and social skills while increasing participation, confidence and feelings of fulfillment in their daily lives at home and at school. Taking occupational therapy outside helps children become grounded, connected and empowered all while creating joyful core childhood experiences. We currently offer free nature social meet-ups for families, handwriting enrichment/tutoring, social groups and direct occupational therapy evaluation and intervention.

We currently offer...

Forest Path

Nature based enrichment groups focus on skill building, socializing, confidence building and fun! Whether it is practicing handwriting in the sand or developmental skills with babies and their caregivers, join us for fun in the great outdoors!

Occuptational therapy with two dogs in the woods

We offer nature based individual occupational therapy evaluation and services. We are currently accepting new clients for evaluation and scheduling with no waitlist! 

Contact us now to get started! 

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What sets us apart:

We believe nature is an essential ingredient for a positive human experience

Good Nature Therapy Services combines pediatric occupational therapy with nature experiences to empower children and their families to live daily life more successfully. If you’re a NE Ohio parent on a mission to understand and connect with your child, you’re in the right place. With the Emerald Necklace at our doorstep, we’ll find nature-filled opportunities to close the gap between where your child is and where they want to be.

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We deliver results without parent guilt or extra obligations to your already overflowing to-do list.

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