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Dressing for the Cold Northeast Ohio Weather Put to the Test!

Hello again! Rebecca from Good Nature Therapy Services here. I have a bit of a personal story for you today so read on to hear more!

How do I know these cold weather tips actually work?

Let me tell you a story...

It all starts on a dog sled, in Canada.

In 2017 I decided I needed to work on crossing things off of my bucket list. I scanned the list and my eyes landed on #5- dog sledding. Fast forward to January 2018 and I was headed to Banff, Canada for a 4 hour dog sled trip with a very full suitcase packed with winter gear and a lot of excitement (and maybe a little nervousness, too).

The initial day I was supposed to go was canceled due to avalanche control so I was rescheduled to 2 days later. That day the temperature ranged from 20 degrees Fahrenheit to 32 degrees Fahrenheit- it was cold. And I was looking at 4 hours outside in the weather on a dog sled with the wind blowing in my face as we raced across the frozen ground. I learned quickly that it didn't matter how many clothes I packed into my suitcase, they better be the right ones.

I followed the clothing protocol you've heard about in our previous blog- wicking base layer, warm mid layer to retain heat, waterproof outer layer. I paid special attention to my face, hands and feet by adding a scarf to cover my nose and mouth, 2 layers of gloves with hand warmers and 2 layers of socks with foot warmers as well as warm, waterproof boots.

And guess what!? IT WORKED!

I had a wonderful day, stayed warm, had a grand adventure and crossed dog sledding off of my bucket list. I am so grateful for the experience and will never forget the beauty I experienced that day.

And I owe a lot of my fantastic memories to showing up dressed for success. Struggling with staying warm and dry or worrying about dangerous health concerns like frostbite would have definitely tainted the experience.

In fact, I still use the clothes in these photos for working in outdoor occupational therapy in the cold in Ohio today!

Speaking of outdoor OT, if you are interested in learning more about helping your child create magical winter memories and embracing the cold while working towards their goals in a supportive environment, sign up below for a 15 minute discovery call.


Hi, I'm Rebecca

Occupational Therapist, Owner, Founder

Good Nature Therapy Services works closely with children and families to design individualized treatment plans that integrate evidence-based practices with the natural world. It's our mission to make outdoor experiences accessible to ALL families and help children reach their full potential and thrive.

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